Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall Fun with the kiddos

Aunt Lisa was in town last week and we took a bunch of fall pictures with the kids. They had a good time playing in gammy and papa's backyard while Lisa shot the pictures. It is amazing that Ethan made it through without any broken bones after all these jumps into the leaves. I think it is safe to safe he is fearless and will have to be watched carefully as he gets older and braver! I really love the picture of all three of them because their facial expressions are so much like each one of them.
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Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween at the Goodwins

Bella was not too thrilled to be dressed as a skunk. I thought she was super cute but she spend the whole night pouting on her chair. I did get her to come outside for awhile once I took off the head piece.

Here the boys are posing with our Haunted Butler. He was really cool and we scared alot of kids while handing out candy when he spoke suddenly.

We headed to the club for a pizza costume party before trick or treating started. It was alot of fun and the boys got to hang out with all of their friends.

Ethan has started saluting people now so here is a picture of Ethan in mid salute. Who knows where he comes up with these things but it is pretty funny. It is also better than his other talent of armpit farting which he has also started here lately. Ohhh the joys of boys!

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Here is Jackson with a bunch of his friends at the party. As you can tell the normal costume for a 8 year old boy seems to be anything disgusting looking.

By 8:30 Halloween night Ethan called it a night. He fell asleep in full costume and did not wake up again till the next day. I wish every activity made it this easy to put him to bed.